Attorney Miller reduces key property tax burden for numerous Missouri clients

The 2023 property tax season was busy in Missouri in that assessors statewide sought to raise assessed values to reflect the unusually high market conditions brought on by the current federal administration.  With values higher than normal (some doubling and tripling in value), taxpayers who own real property are left holding the bag.  Todd Miller was able to reduce the property tax burden on every client that called this year.  Miller attributes his success to having filed property taxes in 21 states over his career, and the ability to argue specific value issues that are often unknown to assessors.  The ability to reasonably work values with assessors also contributes to his success.  “It doesn’t always have to be confrontational.  The values are what the values are.”  Call the Law Office of Todd Miller, LLC should you feel you property is overvalued.    www.toddmillerlaw.com (573) 634-2838

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