Q: Is there a fee for an initial consultation?

A:  Yes.  We have a $100.00 minimum initial consultation fee.

Q:  Where do your attorneys live and work?

A:  Our attorneys are local residents and have deep roots in Mid-Missouri.

Q:  What areas of the law do you address?

A:  We address many practice areas.

Q:  How much do your attorneys charge?

A:  There are three basic fee arrangements including hourly fees, flat fees, and contingent fees.  Hourly fees are calculated by multiplying the time an attorney works by the agreed upon hourly rate.  Contingent fees are paid to the firm only if you prevail in your case.  A flat fee establishes a fixed price for the services provided.

Q:  When does an attorney-client relationship begin?

A:  We require a written service agreement to begin representation for most matters.

Q:  Will my lawyer do what I say all the time?

A:  When you hire a lawyer, they work for you; however, a lawyer retains a measure of professional independence.  A lawyer cannot allow a client to make all the decisions about his or her case.

Q:  Can I hire you but do most of the work myself?

A:  No. Once our firm becomes involved in a matter, we prefer primary control of the case.